Deep Whitening Teeth Transformation Kit



Your Whitest White Teeth, Guaranteed

Harnessing innovative technology and a dentist-grade formula,we invite you to witness your teeth's transformation. Reflects the brilliant and confident person you are. Without sensitivity!

The key to whitening transformation is expertwhite gel. 

Expertwhite gel is applied to the tray and placed over your teeth. Your teeth soak in this dentist-approved formula while it works its magic. This kit has the 35% teeth whitening gel which we believe is the perfect strength for expert whitening results with this kit.

450 nanometers light-emitting diode technology accelerates results

Activating the 450 nanometers blue LED light (similar to a dentist's light) will activate the gel to accelerate your whitening. 

Nothing gets your teeth whiter!

The expertwhite starter kit will whiten your teeth up to 10 shades. Guaranteed! We Promise you brilliant white teeth or your money back. This is The Dentist-Approved teeth whitening kit. Made in the USA. Safe on enamel. FDA manufactured.


Dentist grade gel and a pro-level accelerator light for your whitest teeth imaginable 

30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee | Paypal Protection | Formulated California, USA


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