Expertwhite Insane Results Teeth Whitening Kit

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Like magic - swipe your wand and enjoy your insanely dramatic results 

Remove years of tough stains and yellowing from soda, smoking and red win in just 1 week and enjoy brighter whiter teeth. You will achieve up to 9 shades of whiter teeth in one week and maintain your bright white results.  Same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists. Teeth whitening gel in a twist applicator with application brush. Applied once daily for 7-14 days will whiten your teeth from dull to brilliant white.

A no mess brush-on gel (with famous expertwhite gel)

The same expertwhite gel, with a brush tip is designed for the precise application of expertwhite gel to your teeth. It is so easy to apple. Simply smile exposing your teeth. PRO-TIP: Wipe your teeth with a tissue to get a good dry tooth surface. Twist the gel from the tube onto the brush tip and apply the gel onto your teeth and between your teeth. The brush tip is great to reach stubborn stains between the teeth. The gel will foam and penetrate your teeth. Continue to slowly twist the bottom of the pen to dispense more gel as needed until your top and  bottom teeth are covered. Then switch on light and place over teeth.

Dual red light and blue light LED technology accelerates whitening and keeps gel close to tooth surface (and away from saliva)

32 LED Accelerator lights turbocharge your whitening gel. Activating the 450 nanometers blue LED light (similar to a dentist's light) will activate the gel to accelerate your whitening. The mouthpiece with the light keeps the teeth away from saliva and your lips so that the gel remains close to your teeth surface - erasing stains caused by smoking, redline and soda. 

Dual-light photodynamic therapy for gum care and fresher breath


Our latest innovation light also harnesses red light technology that kills negative bacteria in the mouth, strengthens gums, and reduces sensitivity. 15-minutes daily will make you laugh out loud and walk into the world looking attractive, feeling incredible, and passing the joy with every bright smile you share.

Gel Strength35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel


Teeth Whitening: 15-30 minutes once a day (or twice daily for minimum of 15 minutes each)
Gum Health: Use once daily for a minimum of 10 minutes 

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