About Us

A simple philosophy

We want every-one to love your smile

For over 15 years, Expertwhitening, llc has provided dentists and consumers with premium quality tooth bleach gels.  Our commitment to using the finest ingredients and a PH Balanced formula has delivered consistent results. The Expertwhite™ line of gel was developed for use by patients at home. Expertwhitening's philosophy is simple. It grew from a desire to have any person realize the value of a beautiful smile and be able to achieve consistent whitening results, with no discomfort and feel good about the way they look.

Manufactured in USA. Dentist approved and dispensed. Never tested on animals. This superior quality whitening gel delivers laser whitening results to natural teeth. Formulated to the highest standard of near-neutral PH , tooth sensitivity is eliminated. With a 30-Day money back guarantee and free shipping worldwide this product makes teeth smile.