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Made in the USA. Premium Quality. Since 2003

Expertwhitening, LLC supplies the finest quality teeth whitening formulations in the USA to dentists and consumers. Our premium quality tooth bleach gels effectuate clinical strength whitening results. Our commitment to using unsurpassed ingredients and ensuring a near-neutral pH balanced Carbamide Peroxide ensures a formula that has been awarded devotion by both dental practices and consumers alike. 

Our pledge to manufacture in the United States has ensured consistently superior products.  The expertwhite™ gel was developed for use at home with custom-made trays.  The expertwhite™ product line has grown to offer starter kits and accessories. The end-user can expect to achieve 7-14 shades whiter teeth with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. 

Your Whitest Teeth Guaranteed

Expertwhitening's philosophy is simple. It grew from a desire to afford people the discovery of a brilliant white smile. Joy. Laughter. Confidence. Doors open, the heart sings and the world becomes extraordinary when more people are smiling. Our dedicated customers are enjoying consistent whitening results, with no discomfort and reveling in the confidence of flashing their brilliant trademark American smile.    

•   Premium dental-grade strength.
•   Dentist approved and dispensed.
•   Never tested on animals.  
•   Formulated to the highest standard of near-neutral pH
•   30-Day money-back guarantee.

30daymoneyback236x236.jpgExpertwhite 30-Day Results Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We have built the Expertwhite™ Brand for only one reason. The results our customers receive when whitening their teeth with Expertwhite™ gels and kits. We provide the highest quality teeth whitening gel available. We manufacture in the USA under FDA approved guidelines.

We guarantee 10 shades whiter teeth. We guarantee that your teeth will whiten to their lightest and brightest natural base color of your teeth. This whitening gel will not whiten crowns, only natural teeth.