Expertwhite Pro-Strength Teeth Whitening Strips (14 strips)

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 Expertwhite Professional Peroxide Whitening Strips - Instant Results

Professional Teeth Whitening Gel. Trusted by Dentists (Since 2003). Formulated California, USA




Non-slip, professional peroxide grade gel for immediate results

The expertwhite whitening strip is designed to stay in place keeping gel close to the tooth surface. Non-slip and comfortable design. Professional Strength Non-Slip. Remove stains from coffee, soda, red wine, and smoking. Safe on enamel with zero sensitivity. Experience instant whitening results. Wear strips for 20 minutes a day. Be amazed at the convenience and the expert whitening results. Simply smile. apply strip and the reveal whitest teeth.

Safe on enamel. Non-toxic. Mint flavor

Expertwhite gel with hydrogen peroxide has a highly tactile consistency so that when the gel on the strip is placed on the tooth surface it does not move and shift. Thereby remaining close to tooth surface and removing stains and whitening teeth. Just 20 minutes once a day for your brightest whitest teeth. 

Tear, wear and reveal!

  • Wipe teeth dry with a tissue and place the first strip on top teeth in line with your gum line. 
  • Align the sticky part of the strip with the edge of your gum line. 
  • Do not place on gums. Wrap the bottom part of the strip up and under the tooth edge. 
  • Repeat lower teeth. 
  • After 20 minutes, remove strips from the teeth and discard. 
  • Rinse your mouth with water, brush your teeth, and reveal your beautiful white teeth. 
  • Repeat once a day for 14 days in succession (or twice a day for 7 days). 


28 Peroxide based teeth whitening strips - 14 upper teeth strips, 14 lower teeth strips




30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee | Paypal Protection |Since 2003

100% Satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee that your teeth will whiten to their lightest and brightest natural base color. This whitening gel will not whiten crowns, only natural teeth.


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  • 5

    Posted by Daniel H. on 12th May 2021

    Effective Whitening Power

  • 3

    Posted by Z. Shehabaz on 12th May 2021

    Medium Whitening resulst

  • 5

    Posted by Leonard Lahouil on 12th May 2021

    I have seen a small difference after 3 applications. They can slide around a little bit but all in all, they are good.

  • 4
    Worked Great

    Posted by georgina R on 12th May 2021

    It worked pretty good. Used it daily for over a week. Noticed an improvement. But nothing exceptional.

  • 3
    White Teeth

    Posted by Roy Bruno on 12th May 2021

    I think that these are very good quality strips. I do not have sensitive teeth and ny teteh are much much whiter.

  • 5
    Highly Recommend

    Posted by Patrick S on 12th May 2021

    Good product

  • 5
    Works well

    Posted by Leigh A Favello on 12th May 2021

    Work well for my sensitive teeth

  • 3
    Great Product

    Posted by Karlee J on 12th May 2021

    Great for me because I travel

  • 5

    Posted by Erik T on 12th May 2021

    The box arrived in a timely fashion, and the strips work as advertised.

  • 5
    I like the Strips

    Posted by Don Hubbard on 12th May 2021

    Easy and effective

  • 4
    Good Product

    Posted by Mark L. on 12th May 2021

    just follow the directions and you will get great results.

  • 5
    Quick Results

    Posted by C. Vallejo on 12th May 2021

    Amazing the difference in what just 4 treatments have done so far