Preloaded Trays (5)

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Meet your New Best Friend!

Individually Sealed, Preloaded Trays

Need a quick boost of white? 

These are Individually sealed & preloaded teeth whitening trays. So convenient! Each tray is filled with 35% Carbamide Peroxide strength gel. Simply open, place over teeth. Wear. Each tray is a single use and disposable.

Are you whitening your teeth for the first time? 

These are most convenient method to successfully whiten your teeth. Simply open, place over teeth. Wear. For best results Whiten once a day in succession.

Convenient. Whiten on-the-go.

Keep one at your desk or in your purse. Never have dull teeth again.

How Do They Work?

  • Each tray is pre-loaded with Expertwhite™ Gel.
  • The gel has been soaking in a foam-like strip in the tray. 
  • The foam-like strip helps the whitening gel close to the tooth surface, ensuring maximum penetration and stain removal.
  • Yields maximum whitening in record time.
  • Your teeth literally soak in the whitening gel.
  • Simply tear open pouch, place over teeth and whiten. 


Includes: 5 preloaded trays   Use: Tear open foil pouch. Place over teeth. After whitening discard tray.  

Treatment Time: 

  • 35% gel - 30 minutes