Starter Kit 1

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Your Whitest Teeth Guaranteed

Transform your teeth from yellow to expertwhite™ 

"Get-My-Teeth-White" Starter Kit Will Whiten Your Teeth Up To 10 Shades. Guaranteed! We Promise you brilliant white teeth or your money back. This is The Dentist-Approved Teeth Whitening Kit. Made in USA. Safe on enamel. FDA manufactured.

Nothing Gets Your Teeth Whiter!

Remove all Stains from coffee, smoking and red Wine and enjoy 10 shades whitest teeth. Deep penetration and elimination of all stains and yellow on teeth. Rapid whitening action up to 10 shades.  Restores teeth to brightest white teeth. 




Which Strength Kit Do I Choose?

Available in 4 whitening gel strengths. The lower the percentage the more gentle (formulated for sensitive teeth) the gel and longer wear time on teeth. The higher the percentage, the stronger the formula and the less time the gel needs to be worn over teeth.  Wear tray over teeth once a day for 5 days in succession.

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 Fall in Love With Your Brilliant White Teeth.