Hands-free LED Light, Tray, 44% Gel Kit

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THE COMPLETE WHITENING KIT - The tray, light and strongest whitening gel available

A mega 44% carbamide peroxide solution is suspended in premium near-neutral PH kosher grade glycerine. Blasts through surface stains and penetrates deep to remove years of discoloration. The LED light fits neatly into the soft silicone whitening trays so that you may whiten handsfree.

15-minutes to super white teeth

44% carbamide peroxide suspended in a thick viscous glycerine gel requires only 15-minutes of wear time per treatment. This gel is designed for the teeth whitening fanatic who demands super white teeth but is too busy to sit still longer than 15 minutes.

Discover the expertwhitening™ starter kit

The experwhite™ starter kit removes all surface tooth stains from coffee, smoking, and red wine then penetrates deep into the enamel to remove decades of tooth discoloration and yellowing. This whitening system guarantees to return your teeth to that the white color you had as a child. Clean, bright, and white.

Dentist approved professional whitening 

One of the most important components of successful whitening results is the tray. The importance of the tray is to hold the gel close to the tooth surface and ensure that your saliva does not wash the formula away while performing the vital task of removing tooth stains and gently penetrating deep into tooth enamel to remove decades of discoloration. The expertwhite™ tray is a soft flexible silicone tray (dual arch) that ensures a comfortable fit for all mouth sizes.

Discover Expertwhitening™Gel

Aside from the importance of the tray, the quality and the strength of the whitening formula is pivotal to the quality of results achieved. Expertwhite™ gel is developed for and sold to dentists so you can rest assured that you are receiving professional quality gel that is made in the USA without the use of fillers or short cuts. Premium carbamide peroxide (CP) is suspended in a near-neutral PH mint glycerine solution offering a comfortable whitening experience with maximum white teeth results. This Viscous gel formula ensures that the gel sticks to the tooth surface and does not simply wash away with your saliva. With our calculated oxidization time, expertwhite™ gel eliminates tooth stains and restores super white teeth in a very short time. 

Choose the best gel strength for you

Expertwhite™ kits are available in different strength gels to suit each individual's needs. Simply choose the gel strength that suits your needs, the lower the percentage the longer the gel stays on your teeth. The higher the percentage gel, the shorter the whitening time per treatment but the greater the chance of tooth sensitivity to hot or cold during the whitening process (this is temporary and stops immediately after whitening)


Whiten with the use of our comfort-flex tray and expertwhite™ gel once a day for 5 days in succession. That simple. You will see immediate whitening results after your first whitening treatment however, we recommend that you continue whitening each day to ensure a "full cure or permanent" whitening result.



The 'Get-my-teeth white' starter kit includes our comfort-flex tray and a handy storage case. Three expertwhite™ dentists approved gels are included to offer up to 10 whitening treatments. This means that there is enough gel to whiten your teeth and then touch up as needed. 


Place small drops of whitening gel along with the top and bottom part of whitening trays and place tray in mouth over teeth for the suggested time. Wipe excess gel off the gum line with a tissue. After treatment, remove and rinse trays in warm water. Brush teeth. You will see immediate results after the first whitening treatment but to ensure maximum 'full cure" whitening, it is recommended that you whiten once a day for 5 days in succession. 

  • 1 Soft Flex Tray & Storage Case
  • 3 Expertwhite™ Tooth Bleach Gels (44% CP)
  • 1 handsfree LED light that fits neatly into the tray


Simply Add Expertwhite™ gel to the comfort-flex tray and reveal super white teeth! Experience up to Up to 10 shades whiter and look years younger. Results in Just15 Minutes. For maximum results whiten once a day for 5 days in succession